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Sales Coach
“My Coaching clients” success determines my own”.
I ensure this by first completely understanding your goals, plans and your desired end results. 

“START UP” Business Coaching 

Congratulations! You have decided to start or are considering to launch a business. This can be one of the most exciting times of your life. It can also be one of the most overwhelming. Your “to-do” list can feel like it is a mile long. There are so many critical components that need to be set up for the business to have a chance.

Like many of my New Start Up Clients, you may not know exactly what to do, when to do, how to get it done and struggled and wasted time looking for answers.

“START UP” Business Coaching was their solution. I will provide answers to all your Start Up questions, help to create an establish a solid foundation and step by step plan that will guide you on how to define your internal policies and procedures, design operational methods, create marketing campaigns and build your sales program, just to name a few.

The best part, become the support you need, your sounding board for ideas and most important, your personal confidante

If this sounds like this is something that would help you, I invite you to consider “New business coaching. 

I guarantee my results and am confident I can help you.


BUSINESS COACHING for Existing Business Owners

Do you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and struggling for answers?

Do you feel like you have run out of ideas and know that something must change?

Do you feel like you have hit a wall?

Do you feel stuck or even trapped with nowhere to turn?

My Business coaching is exactly the solution that you need to regain your direction, focus, drive, purpose and confidence back. The way you felt when you started out.

If this sounds like I am describing you, I invite you to consider My Business coaching.

I am an expert Sales and Business Coach who helps my clients everyday overcome their toughest business challenges and be their trusted business advisor.

Well imagine no more, YOU can hire my as your “Sales & Business Coach” that will work directly with YOU.

Work at a scheduled day and time that works for you. The Best part, it is Easy and Affordable to do

Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

My Personalized Coaching Sessions (Group and One to One) are deliberately priced in a way that everyone can take advantage of my expertise; without the need to travel, with no time away from the office, in a high-tech manner, and at the same time be able to be FULLY participating and engaged.

All of my Sales Coaching programs are interactive and are easy to incorporate to provide you with an immediate positive impact.

As your certified coach, trainer and consultant, I customize your program, sessions and consultation services by capitalizing on my extensive experience, knowledge and certifications. My coaching, training and consultations are not based on a “theory” or “some method or process” that you must first try to learn in order for it to work.

All of My programs are written, developed, tested and are proven to work.

You will find yourself saying, “this is amazing, I wished I would have found this sooner

Sales Topics I have helped others with: Prospecting and Cold calling methods and techniques  Scripts that Set more appointments  How to manage your proposal pipeline  How to follow up on your recommendations (Not proposals)  How to manage and develop a territory  Where and how to develop a target market  How to follow up on your recommendations (Not proposals)  How to write and deliver winning recommendations (Not Proposals)  Telephone methods and techniques that get calls returned  How to Deal with difficult prospects / people  How to Know everything you can about your customers  Selling when no one is buying  Finding the courage to Close Sales.  Closing methods and techniques that really work Personal Development  Defining and Setting achievable goals  Creating positive attitudes in sales  Why we fail: “The Logic of Failure”  Creative communication  Overcoming fear of success  Develop 25 Habits of Highly successful sales people