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Achievement Starts with a First Step.

I will help you get to where you want to be. 

Whether you have a personal sales or business goal, a business you want to start, or grow. Or you simply need sales management help, one thing is for sure – I can help you 

About Anthony Bartolo Sr. 

No Theories, Just Results. 

“To Achieve You Must First Truly Believe.”

Anthony Bartolo Sr is a respected, highly regarded Master Salesperson and Business Leader. He instills his passion for success and his over 40 years of proven experience and knowledge in sales and business into all his coaching, consulting, and training services.

His proven sales and business methods, techniques and trainings are not based upon a theory, or by having the need to adapt to a new difficult process. He provides sales and business professionals with the practical tools necessary to improve their skills, embrace their career, achieve the financial success they desire and the business they always dreamed of. 

He motivates, mentors, and guides his clients by sharing his expertise and certifications along with showing them how by first believing in themselves and truly believe in their product and services they will achieve the success they desired.

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Your Customized Action Plan 

The majority of Salespeople and Business Owners  have suffered some type of Stress, Anxiety, or Frustration at some point.

The one common denominator, they do not have “A Plan of Action” 

I want to help you overcome your fears, eliminate stress and create a path and Customized Action Plan to your Future Success!

My passion remains in creating positive environments that are welcoming, supportive, and are a force for change. 

Your Success Always Comes First and Is My Top Priority.

Why Me?

40 years
Proven Experience

We assess and evaluate how to get you where you want to be – even if we have to start slow, we’ll get there together.

Sales Coach

We’ll guide you every step of the way, but show us your work. Let’s see your dedication and commitment in action.

Improve Your Performance

Let’s take a step back, re-assess, analyze, and re-commit to a the same or revised goal.

New Skillsjpg
Success Achieved Through New Skills

After all the hard work, sweat, and blood, feel the amazing and sweet feeling of victory. You did it!

What My Cilents Have Said

James T
James T

Mr Bartolo is Very knowledgeable and very helpful. Was able to find what areas I needed to work on and showed me how I could Improve my sales techniques. Highly recommend and look forward to continuing to work with him.

Edward M
Edward M

Just finished a call with Anthony – he is full of pearls of wisdom and we had a great coaching conversation. I came away with a handful of great actionable tasks and had a few “lightbulb moments” too. It’s clear that Anthony does this from a place of legitimately wanting to help. Can definitely recommend to others

Taylor M
Taylor M

Wow! Anthony is incredibly knowledgeable about sales and changed my entire prospective on how to make a call. I required assistance with learning a script & with tonality/pacing which I received from Anthony and it is an absolute game changer. I am now looking forward to making calls. I Highly Recommend to book Anthony!

Patrick M
Patrick M

For first time entrepreneurs, It was refreshing to talk to someone who could speak to my business with intelligence, enthusiasm and acknowledgement of what I have done right and what I need to do. I was looking for a professional opinion and I got it. I am looking forward to continuing to work with him 

Stephanie H
Stephanie H

Anthony is a great Sales and Business Coach and is very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of operating a successful business that leads to results and ultimately money in the bank. If you are stuck in your business and need further assistance, don’t hesitate to schedule a call session with him. You will NOT regret it!

Hector G
Hector G

Anthony is super professional and very knowledgeable in the business world. If you are a startup or business owner looking for a solid action plan or advice to grow and scale. I was able to pick his brain and he provided me with so many insights I am excited to use. Try him and you wont regret it trust me!